Finding Balance on the Yogic Path- with Heather Day-Melgar

Our hectic, modern lives are extremely demanding of our time, attention, and presence, and we are often pulled in different directions. Often, we can find ourselves swinging between extremes, struggling to stay afloat, stressed, or anxious. Yoga can be a key to stabilizing our lives, and our inner world, even if the outer world is out of our control. Yoga can show us how to walk the middle path, a Buddhist concept of integration of extremes. Join Heather for a 2 hour workshop that includes education, journaling, pranayama, and balance focused asana.

November 17th, 2-4pm

$29 members
$35 non-members before Nov. 3
$39 after Oct. 20th

Heather came to the physical practice of yoga through athleticism and a fondness for Sanskrit and Ganesh, but stuck with yoga because of the inner transformation that she had not anticipated. She believes the practice of yoga through asana practice is a continuous unfolding of the higher self.