Time for an Intuitive Upgradewith Candia Sanders - Karma Yoga

Time for an Intuitive Upgrade
with Candia Sanders

Time for an Intuative Upgrade with Candia Sanders

Imagine what it’d be like to trust your inner guidance, your ‘inner knowing’ regularly, achieve great results, correct and modify when off balance, and follow your most creative and brightest path. It’d feel great, wouldn’t it? Perhaps it’s time to commit to yourself and install the 2020 new internal upgrade.

  1. Discover exactly where inside of you your seat of intuition resides.
  2. Learn how to visit it daily
  3. Learn how to trust yourself by following certain markers.
  4. Learn how to modify and correct when off-center and off-balance.
  5. Interactive dialogue with others for clear validation of expanding skills.
  6. Strengthen through exercise, this vital link between daily chatter and spot-on information
  7. Have fun, laugh, share.
  8. It’s a new year. Make it your best.

Looking forward to sharing a great afternoon together in a fab and cozy setting where exploring is natural and easy. Please bring yoga mats for relaxing visualizations and active exercises if you’re inclined.


Candia is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium, High-Frequency Healer, and Energy Worker big on relationships, health, careers, pets, communication with the Other Side, multi-dimensional reality and everything else in between.