New Students

Welcome!  So you’re new to yoga? You’ve found the right place! We are a body positive yoga studio and we accept you as you are, no judgement.

We have many class options that offer a great pace for you to learn about the asanas (yoga poses) through proper alignment, anatomy and breathing.

Many people come to us with injuries or health conditions and are concerned about being able to participate fully. You’re in good company! Our teachers are highly trained and offer modifications to keep you safe and comfortable in your body. Make sure to let them know as many injuries and conditions are not visible.

Generally we recommend Yin, Restorative, Gentle Chair Yoga and Yoga Foundations for beginners before moving onto Hatha and then Vinyasa (a faster flow). Please feel free to reach out if you would like recommendations specifically for you.

Again, WELCOME! We can’t wait to serve you.

Membership Options

The ’Namaste’ Package

The ‘Namaste’ package is perfect for the busy person that can only get into class minimally. At only $47 per month with autopay, it is perfect for the busy person. Includes 4 classes per month.

The ‘Ananda’ Package

The ‘Ananda’ package lives up to its name. At only $77 monthly with autopay, you will be able to achieve your high state of being. Includes 8 classes per month.

The 'OM' Package

The ‘OM’ package is the ultimate in zen. Perfect for you students that want the ability to attend their favorite classes as often as they desire. This unlimited package is $97 per month with autopay or $980 per year.

OM Members have the best benefits:

One free friend pass every month for a new yoga member
Discounts on series and workshops
10% off all retails products
$25 retail credit after 6 consecutive months of auto payment
A free private yoga lesson after 12 consecutive months of auto payment
*Retail credit will no include regular 10% discount

Ananda and Namaste members will receive:

One free friend pass every month for a new yoga member
Discounts on series and workshops
5% off of all retail products
*One free friend expires every month with no rollover for all membership packages
* Ananda and Namaste classes and benefits do not roll over into the the following month

30 Day cancelation for all memberships – must cancel in writing via email info@karmayoganw.com

Other Packages


We’ve got a great deal for your first month: $39 for 30 days of unlimited yoga!

Monthly Membership

Senior – 65 Over


Drop In



Our new membership benefits are exciting! We still offer discounts on series and workshops for all of our members, bu have additional benefits for our new membership packages!

**Freezes or skipped payments will stop the consecutive payment and the next payment will begin the account again.

Finally, starting in 2018, we will be hosting VIP events with discounts and exclusive invites for our members. We have really fun things in store for our membership yogis, but would love to hear feedback about what you want to see as well.