Jennifer Oechsner

Jennifer Oechsner’s love of yoga began as a practice to complement her martial arts training, bringing balance to her path. When she started she didn’t know it would take her life in a completely different direction.  In 2010, Jennifer traveled to India to complete her 200 HR teacher training in the Ashtanga tradition with Himalaya Yoga Valley under the instruction of international yoga instructor Lalit Kumar. 

“Having the opportunity to completely immerse myself in the spiritual and physical teachings of yoga with such an amazing instructor was a life-changing experience. I came to realize that yoga can assist anyone of any age, physical ability, or circumstance. Yoga can help anyone heal, strengthen, and find peace. I found my calling and a deep heart connection.” 

 In Jennifer’s classes she enjoys challenging her students. Sometimes that challenge lies in learning a new pose, but sometimes it lies in finding the ability to remain still, allowing for time to rest and recuperate.  In each of Jennifer’s classes there is a strong focus on alignment and safety. 

In addition to teaching yoga, Jennifer is a Holistic Nutritionist, a certified personal trainer, and holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo.  Jennifer also has led yoga and wellness retreats here in the Pacific Northwest and internationally in India and Nepal. Find out more about Jennifer and her retreats at warrior-flow.com