Our Teachers

Alisa Chen

Alisa began practicing yoga over 10 years ago, finding her way to the mat from a background in other types of movement. She fell in love with what she found and continued to pursue yoga because of the more subtle transformations she discovered within herself as she went deeper into the practice.

Allison Duckworth

Allison is passionate about breath centered movement. She utilizes asana classes as a form of moving meditation and self-discovery. In her classes you will experience invigorating and nourishing flows catered to all levels. Her intention is to foster presence and compassion on the mat, empowering…

Heather Day-Melgar

Heather came to the physical practice of yoga through athleticism and a fondness for Sanskrit and Ganesh, but stuck with yoga because of the inner transformation that she had not anticipated. She believes the practice of yoga through asana practice is a continuous unfolding of the higher self.

Jennifer Oechsner

Jennifer Oechsner’s love of yoga began as a practice to complement her martial arts training, bringing balance to her path. When she started she didn’t know it would take her life in a completely different direction. In 2010, Jennifer traveled to India to complete her 200 HR teacher training in…

Julie Jones

Julie has been teaching Hatha Yoga for over 4 years and practicing for 8 years. She was inspired by the transformative effects of yoga and has studied with teachers who integrate the mind-body effects of practice (Dr. Marc Halpern, Amy Weintraub, James Baraz and others). Julie completed Karma Yoga…

Marianna Jones

Marianna came to yoga, searching for healing and ease in her body, and found so and much more than physical healing in this powerful practice. Her teaching is centered in listening to the body and the deeper wisdom that lives within our own unique felt experience. She is passionate about sharing…

Natascha Bohmann

Natascha’s yoga practice started casually nearly 20 years ago. It wasn’t until she started taking classes regularly after college that she realized there was more to this practice. She began teaching in 2009 and earned her 200-RYT through Kanyakumari Ayurveda and Yoga Wellness Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Tristiane Masterson-Miller

Tristiane began her yoga practice as a small child, mimicking her mother. She kept returning to the mat until finally deciding to deepen her knowledge with a 200 hour training at Davanna Yoga in Puerto Vallarta in 2012. An amazing teaching experience there convinced her that this was her path…